About this blog:

This is a place to find resources, ideas, and links for a variety of first grade topics. Any document that is posted here is either my original work, or is linked directly to the source. Any resource created by me and posted to this blog is offered FREE of charge! Please link back to this blog as appropriate and properly credit work.

In my district we use the "Treasures" reading program (2011 National Edition) and the "Growing With Math" curriculum. Most (not all) of the resources posted here will be tied to those two programs.

About Me

It's taken me a while to plunge in and start at teacher blog. I have had a personal blog since 2008, and I have done a variety of blogs and webpages over the years as a classroom teacher, program administrator, and university adjunct. But the first grade blogs out there  TOTALLY intimidated me - sooooooo many incredibly talented and creative people producing AMAZING stuff! But finally I couldn't resist and longer, so now there's this blog to "tend" as well as my very active personal blog and classroom blog - oh well, the more the merrier!

I taught K - 2 for 7 years in Oakland and Los Angeles, CA and then moved to the Intermountain West where I taught 5th for three years.  I then worked at the district and state level as a program coordinator for gifted education. But I missed classroom teaching hugely during those years, and discovered that I definitely didn't love administration - too many spreadsheets, not enough read-alouds! I was super lucky to be offered a position at my previous school, with a great principal and an incredible first grade team. My first year back in the classroom was GREAT and I'm looking forward to many more to come!

My husband and I love to hike, and we are lucky to live close to three beautiful national parks where we can indulge our passion. We're both "geeks" (he's a web designer/programmer) and love us some good technology. Aside from hiking, we like to be home in our yard with our two dogs, eating some good food (I love to cook) and enjoying life!